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Josh Hall is a passionate advocate of Open Source Software. He advocates for open source by providing education, training, and development through his business, SoBored. In addition, Josh spreads open source knowledge by giving labs and presentations at conferences and user groups.

In his spare time, Josh enjoys going on walks with his dog Gideon, playing billiards, camping, watching horror films, and listening to hip-hop.


  • Let's Git This Bread

    Coming Soon.

  • Presentations

    • Git Up Offa That Thing (And Dance 'till You Feel Better)

      Coming Soon.

    • I CanNode Even

      Coming Soon.

    • Jenkins on IBM i

      Coming Soon.

    • Let's Get This OSS

      So you’re finally ready to dive into this Open Source Software stuff everyone keeps screaming about. But where do you begin? How does one install Yum on their system? Wait, I need Yum? Installing and acquiring open source software is a lot simpler than it may seem. This talk will leave you with a basic understanding of how to access open source software on IBM i.

    • Hitchhiker's Guide to IBM i

      Coming Soon.

    • PASE at a Good Pace

      Coming Soon.

    • Python & DB2 Say Their "I Dos"

      Coming Soon.