Josh Hall



St. Andrew's United Methodist Church

SoBored - Wordpress

St. Andrew's had an outdated website and wanted one that looked more modern, was responsive, and had somewhere they could post bulletins and events. This Wordpress website delivers everything they need.

Bros Brasserie

SoBored - Concrete5

Concrete5 in conjunction with a Parallax theme was used to create an effect that the client had described. The users experience was also taken into consideration during the design. The address, phone number, and hours are the first thing shown, and the menu is easily accessible.


Blend Interactive - Concrete5

I was given a photoshop web design and cut it up to create a Concrete5 theme for it. I also made custom packages for customized functionality including a search package for all their data, and an admin area to upload new data and a plan comparison/order form package.

Mason Industries

Blend Interactive - eZ Publish

This was my first eZ Publish project. I enjoyed it quite a bit, especially in relation to the Symfony stack. The major hurdle I had with this site was creating a new MenuBundle for eZ Publish that would allow for easy portability between projects.

Daugaard for Gov

Blend Interactive - Concrete5

I had to cut up a photoshop web design, create a Concrete5 template, and create a custom package to handle form submissions. Form submissions needed to be sent to an external MSSQL database, as well as tie into the Exact Target API. After completing this, I had learned a lot about overriding core Concrete5 functionality to make a more complex system.

Terry Peak

Lawrence & Schiller - Drupal 7

My main responsibility on Terry Peak was to create the photo/video gallery. I used Isotope Gallery and made custom PHP libraries to plug into the social features. I also created updating hashtag URLs for gallery sharing capabilities.

Open Source

Blog RSS Extension

For Fun - October CMS

When October first came out with its original RainLab plugins, there seemed to be many requests for a feed for the blog plugin. I made a simplistic plugin for rendering a feed with a convenient linking component.

PyKit (Python Toolkit for IBM i)

Club Seiden - Python

Jesse Gorzinksi approached Seiden Group and asked for us to begin creating a new Python Toolkit centered around db2sock. Alan Seiden asked that I take the lead on the project, and I graciously accepted.